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Christine Jasch was founder and director of the Vienna Institute for Environmental Management and Economics, IÖW. She studied Political Economy, Business Administration and Agriculture and worked as independent Tax Advisor and Certified Public Accountant as well as accredited lead verifier under EMAS and ISO 14001, for GRI Sustainability Reports and under the Austrian CO2 emission trading scheme. Working areas include environmental performance evaluation and sustainability indicators, integrated management systems, environmental and sustainability accounting, sustainability reporting, sustainable product service systems and socially responsible investing.

In 1999, she habilitated (qualification for professorship) in Environmental Management and Economics at the Austrian University for Agriculture. Lecturing engagements exist or existed in addition with University Klagenfurt, FH Wiener Neustadt/Campus Wieselburg, FH Kufstein, FH Technicum Vienna and University/FH Krems.

Form 2000–2006 she was member of the United Nations Working Group on Environmental Management Accounting. For them she wrote a book on principles and procedures for environmental management accounting, which was the basis for her later work on the IFAC Guidance document on environmental management accounting, released in 2005. UNIDO is using this approach to combine it with Cleaner Technologies and Environmental Management Systems and thus establish arguments and a baseline for environmental protection and related cost savings by improved ressource efficiency.

In Austria the national law for the implementation of the EU emission trading scheme requested a separately qualified accounting expert for data monitoring in the audit team, in addition to a process engineer and a chemist. Mrs. Jasch has qualified as such in 2005 and worked till 2018 on CO2 audits with TÜV Austria.

On April 2008 she was voted into the board of directors of oekostrom AG and served there till 2013. 2010–2020 she was in charge of auditing of sustainability reprots and emvironmental management systems for Ernst & Young, Climate Change and Sustainability Services, Vienna. 

For information on the several research projects please have a look at www.ioew.at. A full list of publications and lectures are available in separate files.

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